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Modern clinical reasoning products for payors and providers to improve health quality, thrive in value-based care, and stay ahead of regulation.


Our products follow open standards and are open-source, brought to you by the team at Vermonster.

Our products are open-source. We offer commercial support and service contracts. You can also fund a feature. Contact us to find out more.


  • Apply clinical rules to patients in real-time
  • Integration into EHR workflow using CDS Hooks
  • Clinical decision support
  • ePrior Authorization

What is it?

Reason is an expert rules engine that can be integrated into any EHR system, patient portal, or standalone application.

What can I do with it?

Display just-in-time decision support and recommendations to clinicians and patients. Use-cases include: providing clinical guidance, promoting practice pathways, closing gaps in care, and reducing burden of prior-authorization.

How does it work?

The engine is configured to read your rules and content*. When started, the product provides a CDS Hooks service ready to integrate seamlessly into a clinican's workflow, such as opening a chart, or placing an order. Also included is an endpoint that your application can use to request guidance directly (see FHIR $apply operation).

The engine code is currently available to download. We offer commercial support to help you embed the engine in your EHR or your application.

*We can also help you write rules, all following open FHIR and CQL standards.


  • In-place analysis, support 35+ data sources
  • eQuality Measures and data science use-cases
  • SQL and CQL (clinical quality language)
  • Coming soon!

What is it?

Analyze is a distributed SQL query engine for FHIR data allowing in-place and interactive analysis.

What can I do with it?

Create live dashboards, care gap reports, support data science and interactive notebooks. Support for CQL-based quality measures. Queries are distributed and run natively, so there is no need to copy your data around.

How does it work?

Our implementation team will work with you to create the required database views and CTEs targeting the emerging SQL-on-FHIR implementation guide. The query engine is built on Trino. Initial support for business intelligence, data visualization, data analytics software as well as interactive notebooks.

This product is under active development and will be released soon, stay tuned!


  • FHIR client library
  • TypeScript support
  • Supports browser, native, and mobile applications
  • 20k+ downloads a month

What is it?

Develop is a set of first-class, actively maintained TypeScript and Node.js libraries to make it easy to develop software with FHIR. Tens-of-thousands of combined downloads per week. Developers love them!

What can I do with it?

The FHIR Kit Client library provides easy to use API to interact with FHIR servers. Also provides convenience functionality to make building SMART and CDS Hooks applications simple.

The FHIR Types definitions gives developers full FHIR type support, with embedded documentation, to accelerate development.