Clinical Decision Support

We work with McKesson Specialty Health to help oncologists determine evidence-based cancer treatments.

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Small, Integrated Teams

McKesson brought on Vermonster to help address two critical requirements: building a clinical decision support (CDS) product to support physicians’ decision-making at the point of care and establishing a center of excellence following contemporary software development practices.

Today, we function as part of a single, integrated McKesson team. We are helping transform the organization with Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe). A key part of SAFe is modeling new processes and techniques at the team level in a traditionally rigid enterprise industry.

UI design mockup of the clinical decision support software

The CDS product is in production and widely used. We continue to support the product and build new features. We also study and address new requirements as the industry shifts toward value-based care. Our domain knowledge encompasses economic, regulatory, and technical dimensions, and we are learning more about the industry every day.

250,000 & $150M

The number of chemotherapy decisions & dollars of realized value from the CDS system we've helped design and build.


Setting the standard for the future of health IT requires expertise, and we are health IT experts. We created a specialized clinical content management system. This system has content versioning and testing features, and supports managing medical terminology coordination and interoperability. We designed a domain specific language to express complicated clinical rules. We anticipated the success of FHIR®, convinced McKesson to adopt this emerging standard, and built one of the first implementations of decision support that uses both the SMART® and CDS Hooks launch patterns.

We make secure handling of data paramount. The systems we build exceed the high availability demanded by the industry. We make this a reality by using cloud infrastructure and contemporary DevOps practices.