We solve problems with you.

Meet the team

Our diverse backgrounds and complementary skills help us deliver high-quality work in an ever-changing industry. We value transparency, and we like to work with people who do, too.

  • Amanda Reiter

    Amanda Reiter

    Former lab scientist, amateur baker, food photographer, sea monkey, improv novice, UX evangelist, Boston interloper

  • Andrew Davis

    Andrew Davis

    Coffee and tea addict, RPG and video game strategy enthusiast, boardgame player, cyclist, promoter of anime, drinker of beer and spirits

  • Brian Kaney

    Brian Kaney

    Technology and process nerd, MechE from UMass, lifelong consultant, bicycle commuter, hops farmer, penhold style table tennis player, fortunate spouse, subordinate parent

  • Christopher Wand

    Christopher Wand

    Political operative, garlic lover, recovering copy-editor, TDD convert, Rails wrangler, Somervillian, bibliophile, informational omnivore

  • Erwin Fox Tree

    Erwin Fox Tree

    Trail wanderer, sci-fi afficianado, boardgame devotee, soup artisan, flavor assembler, seeker of fine cuisine

  • Jason Powers

    Jason Powers

    Consultant, UVM graduate, developer, collector of things, runner, brewer, wood worker, cyclist, vermonter, car enthusiast

  • Junaid Siddiqui

    Junaid Siddiqui

    Back section concert specialist, wintertime scarf huddler, developer, tone deaf car performer, Health Services Administration grad, focused on healthy outcomes, You’ll Never Walk Alone

  • Olivia Zhang

    Olivia Zhang

    Snake enemy, baby wrangler, world traveler, steamed-bun master, gadget lover, dog parent, teetotaller, developer

  • Steve Masterman

    Steve Masterman

    Full-stack web developer and well-rounded generalist, MIT graduate in philosophy and linguistics, aspiring video game developer, Navy brat, piano student, gustatory enthusiast

  • Vicki Strateman

    Vicki Strateman

    Bird nerd, poem scribbler, serial houseplant liquidator, etymology consumer, spice maven, paint splatterer, jewelry tinkerer

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What we do

  • Finish what we start
  • Eat lunch together
  • Share knowledge
  • Test and fail fast
  • Organize meetups
  • Pair program
  • Respect one another
  • Build our own bots
  • Use standing desks
  • Make time for learning
  • Sing karaoke

What we don’t do

  • Have job titles
  • Overbuild
  • Work weekends
  • Fake it
  • Work in cubicles
  • Drink mediocre beer
  • Forget to take breaks
  • Have a sales team
  • Outsource
  • Listen to Coldplay
  • Sing karaoke well

Vermonster by the numbers

  • Are Massachusetts natives
  • Has completed a marathon16 times!
  • Commute by bike
  • Own more than 10 plants
  • Are trained in agile
  • Have been bitten by a snake
  • Play an instrument
  • Work remotely vs. onsite
    3 – 15
  • Own cats vs. dogs
    6 – 8
  • Most popular emoji
  • Pronounce gif with a soft g vs. a hard g
    3 – 15
  • Would rather fly vs. be invisible
    10 – 8