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Vermonster is a software application development firm in Boston, Massachusetts.

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    Brian Kaney

    Brian attended UMass where he studied mechanical engineering. His first "real" programming was with Matlab and Simulink modeling mechanical systems and control theory. While in university, he worked as a consultant on projects for Keurig, Osram Sylvania and Analog Devices. Here he fell in love with lean product development, and began developing web applications. Shortly after college he co-founded Askfor.com where he met Jay. They later founded Vermonster LLC as a consulting firm.

    Brian once wrote lots of Perl, but now spends most of his time writing Ruby and JavaScript. He has helped several companies work out their continuous release processes, from git management to deployment. He knows his way around Amazon's AWS products and services. Brian is a daily bicycle commuter.

    Jay Powers

    Jay started learning the craft of designing software at age 10 when his grandparents gave him an Atari 400. Although BASIC spaghetti code was fun, he has since moved on to more interesting technologies like Ruby, PostgreSQL, JavaScript and occasionally Perl. Jay originally developed vermonster.com as an e-commerce business with his Dad, and in 2001 he and Brian created Vermonster the software consulting firm. When not hard at work, he enjoys visiting his hometown in Vermont, snowboarding, running road races, wood working and brewing hoppy beer. He feels the only way to commute around Boston is by bike.

    Andrew Ross

    Andrew attended Haverford College, where he studied physics, computer science, english, and sociology. There he learned the beauties of Python and C++, foraying at times into assembly language, circuit design, and quantum computing. Now he programs with a bit more position-momentum certainty in Ruby, and enjoys developing games on the side. When he's not coding, he sings on the lower frequencies with his choir and tries to explore the mysteries of Boston.

    Meg Broughton

    After several years of working in the print and brand design world, Meg has decided that the web is where it's at. At Vermonster, she focuses on design and front end development, merging her design background and love for typography with the latest HTML, CSS and jQuery techniques. When she's not creating user experiences, she's probably doing something active like running or biking the Minuteman Trail, skiing, or taking a yoga class. She also loves to travel to new places, although her two cats miss her while she's gone.

    Eduardo Gutierrez

    Even though he has a background in physics, Eduardo decided to pursue a career in software development. Outside of work he usually sips whiskey while trying to contribute to open source, eats delicious hamburgers or gets lost exploring Massachusetts on his bike.

    Quinn Lee

    After attending the University of Texas at Austin, Quinn spent a couple of years in Namibia with the Peace Corps. There he taught math at a rural school. Upon his returned he discovered Ruby and decided to pursue a career in web development. On his free time, Quinn practices Judo and watches re-runs of old sci-fi T.V shows.

    Beth Tenorio

    Beth is a Launch Academy graduate who fell in love with Ruby and Rails when she joined a RailsBridge workshop in 2012. She is a biologist by training and loves all things science. An avid chess player, she enjoys playing casual games and hosting meetups of the Boston Chess Clinic.

    Steve Masterman

    Steve studied philosophy and linguistics at MIT, where he learned that clarity is a virtue. He can help you elucidate your requirements. Steve has diverse experience outside of software, and in the last several years he has lead several projects from conception through launch in his role as full-stack developer, mentor and comedian. He loves his job, and he also enjoys trying to create video games, learning the piano, and experiencing the craft beer revolution.

    Kyung Park

    Kyung is from South Korea. He studied CS in the US and is pursuing a masters degree in Information Management at Harvard Extension School. He likes exploring new programing languages and algorithms. He started with PHP for web development until he discovered Ruby on Rails, which he now uses for most everything. Also, he loves playing ping pong, talking about beer and cooking.

    Our work makes parents’ lives easier.

    Boston Public Schools

    After a pilot program to enable some parents to get realtime updates on the location of their child's schoolbus, Boston Public Schools asked us to scale it up for the entire city by integrating it with their student database and creating a safe, automated way for parents to gain access. We also designed a new, mobile friendly front end to be accessible to a diverse user base.

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    Our work spreads science.

    We built a tool for Al Gore's Climate Reality Project to raise awareness about climate change.

    Reality Drop is a game that empowers players to join the climate conversation and spread science about climate change. It queries a third-party news search API to discover climate articles and matches them to relevant science using a combination of crowd-sourcing and basic sentiment analysis. Articles are ranked using a dynamically changing heat index that takes into account article age, cultural relevance, and player activity, so players always have new content to consider.

    We wrote the game as a responsive client-side application using Backbone.js, where users gain points and prestige for "dropping reality" on "hot" articles. The site, highly integrated with Facebook and Twitter and full of dynamically generated references to external news organizations, is unique in that the primary actions of its users occur on other websites.

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    Our work helps doctors treat cancer.

    We wrote decision support software for McKesson to help oncologists discover evidence-based cancer treatments.

    McKesson, a health IT leader, is building a novel clinical decision support system for oncologists. They came to Vermonster for development services and technical leadership.

    We designed a service-oriented architecture that combines clinical content authoring, decision support, and patient management. Additionally, we built a set of tools for deploying each application in the architecture to a virtual private cloud, to ensure HIPAA compliance while still retaining the benefits of continuous deployment, auto-scaling, and strict separation of configuration from code.

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    Our work unlocks antiquities.

    Harvard wanted to share collections of beautiful artifacts. We built a globally cached content management system and digital archive for English and Farsi.

    Women's Worlds in Qajar Iran is a digital archive of rare photos, letters, audio clips, and other artifacts from Iran dating from its Qajar era (1796–1925). It is being compiled by the Department of Women, Gender and Sexuality at Harvard University.

    We built a new cloud-based authoring application that is integrated with the Harvard Library system, a search tool that supports full-text searches in English and Farsi, and a research platform to facilitate academic collaboration. We are also working on a "graph search" application that stores the archive's data in a graph database and provides novel visualizations and querying systems.

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    Our work makes prescriptions accessible.

    Language Scientific defines the standard for medical translation services; we helped build an API that's used in pharmacies across the nation.

    Language Scientific is a well-established technical and medical translation company. They wanted to expand their business to offer a multi-lingual SaaS product that translates prescription drug labels at the point of sale.

    Our team built a web application that features an interface for pharmacists, and a RESTful API that supports several languages. The application is currently deployed in a cloud environment that services several major retailers and pharmacies across the nation.

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    We know logistics.

    Over the past 12 years our work has sorted and delivered millions of packages.

    We have been building shipping and logistic solutions for just about as long as we've been in business. Our very first Ruby on Rails application, deployed in 2006, is still routing thousands of shipments every day.

    Since then, we've built our own shipping and logistics software, which is deployed at major airport shipping facilities around the world. Our years of experience give us a deep understanding of the shipping industry from major international carriers to the local courier.

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    Enabling collaboration in the social sciences.

    MIT and the American Economic Association asked us to build a central registry to manage RCTs (randomized controlled trials), widely used in economics and for studies on poverty.

    The AEA RCT registry centralizes data about randomized controlled trials, which helps social scientists discover work related to their research interests. Having a central repository makes it easier for social scientists to build on each other's work.

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    Finding new faces.

    We worked with Arnold Worldwide to create the Project Live Your Life contest platform, where fabulous individuals compete to become models for the next American Eagle Outfitters fashion campaign.

    A complex front-end made possible by Ember.js, a cloud architecture that can power a contest feed on their worldwide homepage, and close integration with their Facebook app are some of the features that allow AEO to run successive contests, discover new fashion models, gain insight into their customers and drive traffic to their retail website.

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